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Appraisal E-learning

About: VanEd is one of the longest active online real estate schools, offering approved & regulated real estate courses and classes for real estate licensing, exam prep, continuing education (CE), the GRI Designation, and more! With videos, graphics, audio, and professional real estate tips and knowledge, VanEd provides the highest quality online real estate education experience.



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About: CompuCram is the only exam prep system available on the market today that integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The revolutionary new Readiness IndicatorTM gives continuous feedback as you study – ensuring that you pass the first time.


Appraiser eLearning

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Appraiser Certification

About: Appraiser eLearning is an online education company dedicated to serving real estate appraisers with accredited continuing education for maintaining licensure.

Hondros College

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Higher Education

About: Hondros College, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, has been educating individuals who want to improve their lives by entering new careers that offer stability, flexibility, independence and financial reward. Hondros College offers a variety of professional programs including courses in real estate, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage, and insurance that can be taken online or in the classroom.


Appraisal Institute

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Post-licensing professional development

About: The Appraisal Institute is a global professional association of real estate appraisers, with over 16,000 professionals. Its mission is to advance professionalism and ethics, global standards, methodologies, and practices through the professional development of property economics worldwide. 


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Appraiser eLearning
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Appraisal Institute


Are you interested in pursuing a career as an appraiser? If so, obtaining an appraisal license is an essential step towards achieving your goal. An appraisal license allows you to evaluate and determine the value of real estate and personal property for a variety of purposes, including mortgages, insurance claims, and estate planning. In this guide, we'll explore what an appraisal license is, the different types of appraisal licenses available, how to obtain an appraisal license, and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What is an Appraisal License?

An appraisal license is a certification that allows you to legally evaluate and determine the value of real estate and personal property. Appraisers are professionals who play a critical role in determining the value of a property, which is essential for various purposes, including buying or selling real estate, mortgage financing, estate planning, insurance claims, and tax assessments.

Having an appraisal license is essential if you want to pursue a career as an appraiser. An appraisal license demonstrates your expertise and credibility to clients, lenders, and other professionals in the industry.

Types of Appraisal Licenses

There are different types of appraisal licenses available, including real estate appraiser licenses, personal property appraiser licenses, and business valuation licenses. Each type of appraisal license has its own requirements, exams, and continuing education requirements.

Real estate appraiser licenses are perhaps the most common type of appraisal license. They allow you to evaluate and determine the value of real estate properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Personal property appraiser licenses allow you to evaluate and determine the value of personal property, including artwork, antiques, jewelry, and other items. Business valuation licenses allow you to evaluate and determine the value of a business for purposes such as mergers, acquisitions, and financing.


How to Obtain an Appraisal License

Obtaining an appraisal license requires completing a series of steps. First, you need to meet the eligibility requirements for the type of appraisal license you're pursuing. These requirements vary depending on the type of appraisal license, but typically include education, experience, and passing an exam.

Once you've met the eligibility requirements, you need to complete a pre-licensing education course. This course covers the fundamental principles and practices of appraising and is typically around 75 hours long. After completing the course, you need to pass an exam to obtain your appraisal license.


Continuing education

Continuing education is required to maintain your appraisal license. This involves completing a certain number of hours of approved education every year, depending on the type of appraisal license you hold.

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