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ClearMax™ Announces New Online Ordering Tool


learMax Windows & Doors, a leading window, and door installation and replacement company, is empowering a new generation of homeowners and contractors with its custom fabricated windows. As part of this experience, the company recently announced the launch of an updated website, concluding months of research, testing, and development by the ClearMax Windows and Doors team.

The new website notably features a new virtual and interactive ordering tool for homeowners and contractors. Making the process of ordering windows fast, easy, and stress-free, the new web experience provides a user-friendly platform where customers can custom configure windows in the most popular types and styles, and purchase them online in seven simple steps.

“We invested a lot of resources and time to make the experience simple and user-friendly,” remarked Joshua Sharon, President of ClearMax Windows & Doors. “Contractors and homeowners can now get an instant quote for custom fabricated windows, save it, and compare it with others. This new model is simple and easy, allowing us to reduce prices for our customers who buy windows online.”



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