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Don’t Buy a Property in Orlando, Florida Until You Have Read This

Updated: May 31, 2023

Orlando, Florida is one of the top locations for buying your dream home or making a long-term-investment. After all, several sources state that the real estate in this area will continue to rise.

However, buying property is not as easy as going over listings and contacting the seller or the real estate agent. Why so? You want to protect your interests as a first-time homebuyer in Orlando Florida.

When you are facing a 25- to 35-year mortgage duration and an average monthly mortgage of $1,500, you want to make sure it is worth the investment. You want to have peace of mind and not faced with surprises when costs add up.

So how do you protect yourself as a newbie in buying a property in Florida? Can you just get any real estate agent to do the property hunting for you?

The key to get the most out of your investment is to get the RIGHT real estate agent, because not all real estate professionals are the same.

The 4 Types of Real Estate Brokers When Investing in Orlando, Florida

1.The Transaction Broker

The transaction broker exists mainly to assist the smooth transaction of the sale. They have no particular loyalty to the seller nor the buyer.

2.The Seller’s Agent

The seller’s agent has the main responsibility of getting the highest possible price tag for the seller. This includes making remedies on a fixer upper and ensuring that the property is at its best.

3.The Buyer’s Agent in a Listing Office

The buyer’s agent has the interest of the buyer in mind, but that is where the buyer’s benefit ends. This is because an agent working in a listing office must also have the duty to expedite a prompt sale of the listing office’s property.

4.The Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

This is the type of agent that any property buyer in Florida should look for if you want the best value for money. Their role is to get the best possible deal for a buyer.

An exclusive buyer’s agent knows the market trends, even in communities, is updated with the latest developments in the area. A buyer’s agent also knows how to evaluate properties, asks the right questions, and can negotiate a good price.

Know more about buying properties in Orlando, Florida through this webinar.



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