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Ghalia Edrees Of Alghalia Interiors Spreads Her Wings In The Creative Industry

Ghalia Edrees, Director at ALGHALIA INTERIORS LTD
Ghalia Edrees, Director at ALGHALIA INTERIORS

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Alghalia Interiors, Ghalia Edrees, continues to make giant strides across the creative industry with her fashion outfit, Ghalia Edrees, enjoying rave reviews from customers

Ghalia Edrees started her entrepreneurial journey at a relatively young age, founding her interior design company, Alghalia Interiors, in 2011 in Jeddah, Saudi, before taking her craft across international borders to officially register the practice in the United Kingdom in 2019.

The graduate of arts in Interior Design has delved into other ventures, showing her creativity with a fashion line established in line with her philosophy of promoting progressive thinking and encouraging authenticity through design.

I love the idea of creating compositions. Bringing different forms elements and textures of design together, but more importantly, I always wanted to create a movement.

Ghalia Edrees, Director at ALGHALIA INTERIORS LTD

Ghalia Edrees seeks to leverage over 15 years of experience working with exceptionally talented designers, artists, and creatives across the globe to chart a new course in the industry, as she blends the eastern and western cultures in an unprecedented way.

My design identity is something I have been carving over a decade. I have a very distinct style that focuses on structure, form, light and shadow rather than colours, and prints."

The Ghalia Edrees product line has witnessed tremendous growth, launching a new piece every year at Tent London, since the introduction of her first collection in Jeddah. She also expanded the line into a lifestyle brand, launching a t-shirt line in 2017 and using the same production techniques that she has used in furniture making.

I believed that being authentic and current are not mutually exclusive... Most of my pieces are an evolved and simplified form of the original geometric patterns shown in Islamic architecture”

Ghalia, who is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Managing in The Creative Economy, has carved a niche in the industry, with her works continuously gaining recognition in different parts of the world. Some of her most recent feats include signing two projects in the summer of 2020 – one in Saudi Arabia and the second in New York.

For more information about Ghalia Edrees and her works with Alghalia Interiors, visit -



Address: Soho Works

2, Television Centre

101 Wood Lane

W12 7FR


United Kingdom

Instagram: alghalia_interiors



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