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Merve Lux Living

Merve Gumusyazici is a modern real estate agent. Her personality enlightens the thousands of people following the Turkish agent on Instagram, where she shares gorgeous, modern, and top of the line luxurious South Floridian properties. As of everyone in the United States, the self-made Miami figure had to adapt during the pandemic where she decided to share her listings properties on social media platforms neglected by other agents, YouTube and Instagram where she quickly grew a captivated audience with high-end quality posts trough her lifestyle and work as a south Floridan agent.

Being modern and up to date on the latest social media platforms is a must for real estate agents all around the world, with physical property showings not possible for high-end condominiums, agents have to pivot and find new ways to highlight their properties. Merve did just that, with her elegant style and incredible knowledge of Miami properties, she has found a way to create trust between her buyers and her community of thousands of followers on Instagram @Merve.Luxliving.

YouTube property tours have been around for a while, yet, Merve is getting close and personal with her clients and followers trough investment highlights and high quality video production. This type of marketing strategy is what we are waiting for from modern real estate agents which familiarize the buyer with the property and keep them safe while staying at home.



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