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New Construction Windows by ClearMax®

As a contractor or real estate developer, you are often tasked with choosing the best window and door styles for various properties. This can become challenging when needing to stick to tight budgets, building regulations, and the demand for quality products.

For residents of tropical climates, air conditioning is essential. It cools a home or building on their many hot days. However, property owners struggle to keep their establishments cool for long.

This is a result of cool air escaping and warm air entering through their seemingly closed windows. Utility bills skyrocket because air conditioning can’t keep up with the extreme climates.

For this reason, real estate developers must become familiar with ClearMax®, a relatively new industry player that aims to expend nationally and become the number one supplier of energy efficient new construction windows.

Their big ambitions to help reduce carbon emission is the driving force behind their fast expansion and low markup products.

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