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List Updated Annually - 2022

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By Mike E. Miles

This revised and updated fifth edition bestselling book features a comprehensive coverage on all the stages of these development processes. It explains the fundamentals of real estate investment idea conception, feasibility, market analysis, planning, business financing, contract negotiation, setting up, marketing, and property management.

This fifth edition features new topics such as green building, sustainability, and the ways by which development financing has changed since the Great Recession. Moreover, it also includes new case studies, examples, and photographs.


It is intended for real estate entrepreneurs and college students reading architecture, planning, engineering, law, and those in schools of business. In fact, it is a superb starting point for those getting into the real estate business or those switching careers into commercial real estate investing.


2. LoopNet

By Gary Keller

This masterpiece by Gary Keller is second on our list. It is the ideal book to help take your real estate career to the highest level possible.


Irrespective of whether you are a veteran in the real estate business or just getting started, "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" is the much-needed step-by-step handbook to ensure your success. This book clearly presents a short and long-term plan of action on how to attain great wealth from pursuing a career in real estate investing.


Therein, you will grasp comprehensive insights about the different successful millionaire realtors think, go about their business and fundamental models to help make your business stand out with maximum (ROI) Return On Investments.


3. Ten-x

By John L. Bowman

This practical handbook helps boost and strengthens business tactics, especially those relating to negotiations, listings, sales, and contracts. Reading this book, you will gain knowledge of the four most important areas of CRE; office, retail, multifamily, and industrial. 


Reading this book provides a simple overview to its readers about what it really takes to pursue a rewarding career in the buying and selling of commercial properties. Bowman advises that commercial real estate investing is definitely not for the weak-hearted.


While newcomers in this line of work are encouraged to take on this read, it subsequently gets technical in the latter chapters. John L. Bowman dives deeper into complex sales, financing, negotiations, and contract strategies. Thereby leaving no questions unanswered.

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By Rod Santomassimo

If you are starting your commercial real estate career and strongly believe learning from accomplished professionals is the best way to take your first steps, then this read is the ultimate choice for you.

Rod Santomassimo’s “Brokers Who Dominate: 8 Traits of Top Producers” teaches the marketing approaches, strategies, support structures, and prospecting platforms of North America’s most successful commercial real estate brokers.

However, this book clearly spotlights these successful brokers and defines the unique traits that got them to the top of the business. So, your quest to attain real estate investing success as a broker should start from this amazing book.

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5. Commercial Café

By Mike E. Miles

This book is an all-inclusive guide to success in real estate investment. It is based on stories of successful and accomplished investors in the field with experience in managing and developing properties, as well as teaching at the Harvard Business School. Poorvu presents the perspective of an insider about how to make productive investment decisions.

This book has a non-technical and clear language. Therein, you can vividly understand how players - variables, markets, capital, properties, and external factors combine to impact the outcome and shape of real estate deals.


Porvoo clearly outlines various timeframes for different types of real estate investments. Moreover, in this book he walks every reader through the fundamental "periods of play" from conception, devotion, operation, development, rewards, and reinvestment.



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